Album Review: Rumours

Rumours   The Cover Overview Today's album was Rumours, by Fleetwood Mac, a famous British-American rock band. Released in 1977 by Warner Bros (yes you read that right), the album describes an unhappy story with a happy ending. The album sold over 40 million copies worldwide, and had almost a haunting, soft folk sound to it. According to Fleetwood Mac, the band members used cocaine and were high for most of the recordings for this album, and I feel like that attributed to the iconic sound this project had. And although I'm not particularly a rock or folk fan, it was definitely worth the listen. Tracks That Stood Out Dreams - There is hardly a person alive who hasn't listened to this song. Whether you've heard it on the radio, or saw a man on tiktok skateboarding with cranberry juice in his hand to it, Dreams is an iconic song. The vocals on this song were impeccable, and it had that whispery haunting sound like the one I mentioned earlier. It's definitely going on

Album Review: The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill

The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill 

The album cover


Today's album is The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill by ex Fugee and acclaimed artist Ms. Lauryn Hill. The 1998 album, released by Colombia records, mixed R&B, soul, hiphop, and reggae to showcased Lauryn's personal experiences with love and life. And I really enjoyed it. The albums immense impact on Hip Hop alone is well known throughout the world, and I really feel it deserves all the clout and credit it gets. I especially enjoyed how almost every track ended with a voice recording of Lauryn's teacher and class discussing the true meaning of love in a classroom, keeping the theme of the album and adding a story and deeper meaning to every song. 

Tracks That Stood Out

Ex Factor- This song was AMAZING. It is about Lauryn's experience with an ex lover, who has emotionally abused her. She sings in present tense, suggesting she is still in the relationship she laments about in the song. Trapped, she hates the way he treats her, but doesn't want to leave him. The guitar at the end was the cherry on top for me, and I recommend that anyone who hasn't listened to the song do so as soon as possible.

To Zion- The track, labeled to her unborn son at the time, was beautifully written. She speaks about how her son is her world, and how she couldn't be happier to be a mother. The Spanish guitar in the background was a nice touch, and listening to this song even I felt like I understood the motherly love she felt for her son.

Doo Wop- The energy of this song was off the charts. It was a warning to people in love, as many times people exploit and use others for their own needs. The chorus was catchy, and the piano was well done.

The Rankings

Overall: 9/10- There's so much to say about this masterpiece. Everything was well written, sounded good, and matched the story of Lauryn. I felt that the songs were a bit too long (consistently about 5 mins each), but because the ending of each song added to the story of the album, the song length wasn't that noticeable. Its a shame Lauryn only released 2 other solo albums, as she is very talented and enjoyable to listen to.

Cover: 8/10- The cover is iconic. Many artists use their face, but Lauryn had hers scratched into a desk at school, and linked her album back to a school setting in almost every song. It was creative genius, and it went with the album very well.

Re-Listenability: 10/10- This album had no filler or "boring" tracks. I would listen to every song on repeat, and can definitely say it has aged well. I will gladly be listening to this album again, and really enjoyed the project.


  1. Very well written very good job

  2. Dude, I never knew that cover was her image on a school desk...seen it a hundred times but never put it together. Another reason to respect the thought woven into this work as a whole, and love the linkages you point out. And for my money, it doesn't get any more spot-on than Spanish guitar for conjuring the emotional auditory imagery of a mother's whisper to her child. Am listening now.


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